Welcome to the neighborhood.

At grassrootsPR, we specialize in cultivating community. Sometimes that community is online. Other times, it’s at the neighborhood pub. Usually, it’s a combination of both, requiring a custom mix of traditional and online public relations. So, in addition to writing press releases and pitching reporters, we're launching blogs, hosting online press conferences, and developing twitter campaigns.

We like drinking craft beer and riding bicycles*, so it’s only natural that we’d seek out projects and clients that give us a chance to bring beer and bikes to the masses. We also dabble in other areas that interest us, including causes we believe in, events we’d want to attend, and gadgets we can’t live without.

One day we’ll land our dream project of conducting a nation-wide “Play Every Day” campaign for grown-ups. Until then, we’ll continue working toward our goal of getting cheerleaders added to baseball. Contact us if you’ve got any ideas.

*Not at the same time. We’re not that coordinated.